Welcome to South Beach Sessions!

What started as a pop up venue has developed into a (minor) cult music destination featuring some wonderful musicians from around the globe and of all genres appearing up close and personal in the seaside town of Troon and now for 2017 at The Harbour Arts Centre in Irvine.

South Beach Sessions strated as a cosy, intimate, up-front-and-personal live music project aimed at bringing some of the very best musicians and bands to Ayrshire and expanded in 2016 into the inclusion of a much larger, and now to be annual, rock weekender in Troon known as WinterStorm.

South Beach Sessions was based on the principle that if we offer good music then the audience will pay to hear it. Perhaps it's not always worked out that way - getting people to support local live music just gets harder and harder but we will peresevere!

The venues are small and as a result the tickets may not always be cheap but we believe that South Beach Sessions will always provide value for money with the very best artistes in exclusive settings.

This year we are starting to use the Harbour Arts Centre as a venue and this is an exciting project for us and we hope that by offering quality live music we will tap into a niche in Ayrshire for those who are looking for something just a little different.

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